Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan

2007 Lebanon County Comprehensive Plan

The Board of Commissioners adopted the Lebanon County Comprehensive Plan on December 13, 2007. All of the plan documents, Executive Summary and maps are available on this web site by clicking on the highlighted link. Hard copies and CDs may be purchased through the Lebanon County Planning Department.

The Comprehensive Plan is comprised of four documents:

The primary document is the Plan itself. It contains the county's policy, recommended action plans, and recommended implementation strategy for sound         growth and resource conservation.

Appendix I contains ten (10) background studies on the conditions and trends of demographics, housing, economy and employment, community facilities and utilities, recreation, natural resources, historic resources, transportation systems, land use and energy conservation.

Appendix II contains two (2) white papers, technical research prepared during the comprehensive plan's development, on the topics of growth management and mandatory dedication of parkland.

Appendix III contains 38 model ordinances and technical guidance publications. These documents represent proven techniques and best practices for specific issues raised during the planning process for the comprehensive plan.

The Executive Summary, designed as a foldout poster, contains the county's principles for growth and resources conservation, the goals and objectives of each plan element and two maps.

Funding for the Comprehensive Plan project was provided by the County of Lebanon and four state agencies - the Department of Community and Economic Development, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Environmental Protection.

The County Commissioners continue their commitment to sound planning and implementation of the 2007 Lebanon County Comprehensive Plan by providing funding assistance to municipalities, non-profit organizations and county agencies to finance local planning initiatives and projects that support and further the goals and objectives of the Plan. The guidelines and application forms for the Comprehensive Plan Implementation Fund are listed below. Please carefully read the guidelines before proceeding with the required Part 1 application.

Please contact the Lebanon County Planning Department if you have further questions.