Prison Board Members

Prison Board Members

The Lebanon County Prison Board hold regularly scheduled meetings to transact county business on the following days:

The third Wednesday of each month at 11:30 a.m. and continue until all business is transacted. In the event the holiday falls on a Wednesday, the meeting will (possibly) be held on Thursday following the Wednesday holiday.

Individuals, committees or groups wishing to meet with the Prison Board are requested to call the Commissioners office at (717)-228-4427 prior to the date of the meeting to arrange for an appointment. Appointments will be given priority to avoid unnecessary delay.

All meetings are held in the meeting room at the Lebanon County Correctional Facility, 730 E. Walnut Street, Lebanon, PA 17042.

Robert J. Phillips, Chairman of the Prison Board
Michael J. Kuhn
Jo Ellen Litz

Robert M. Mettley, Secretary of the Prison Board

District Attorney

Pier Hess-Graf

Jeffrie C. Marley Jr.