Part Time Court Officer

Job Title:
Part Time Court Officer
County Name:
Lebanon County
Performs important functions on behalf of the Court, including delivery of Court documents, ceremonially opening, and closing the Courtrooms. The on-duty Court Attendant shall be responsible for the unlocking and opening of the Courtroom before any scheduled proceedings. Likewise, the Court Attendant shall make sure that the water pitchers are filled, cups and glasses are supplied, the lights are on, etc. The Court Attendant shall act as court crier in opening, recessing and adjourning court sessions and generally perform as chief messenger for the Judge. The on-duty Court Attendant shall strike the gavel upon opening and closing court. During jury trials, and under any other circumstances deemed necessary by the Court, a second Court Attendant will be scheduled to staff the rear door area of the courtroom. During jury trials only, a Jury Attendant will be present to assist the jurors and the Court.

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Posting Date:
Friday, August 18, 2023
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