Adult Abuse Investigator

Job Title:
Adult Abuse Investigator
County Name:
Lebanon County
OPTIONS: Assesses needs and manages social services for older adults and their families to improve
their quality of life. Work involves evaluating the social contacts and supports, daily living activities,
cognitive functioning, physical health, and economic and other resources of older adults to develop plans
for their care. Includes coordinating plans with other agencies to refer clients for additional services and
assisting older adults in utilizing available services to meet their needs.

PROTECTIVE SERVICES: Evaluates the medical, social, and psychological need of older adults,
investigates allegations of elder abuse, and offers services to detect, reduce, correct, or eliminate risks
associated with all types of abuse identified during investigations. Also takes referrals “on-call” after
normal working hours, rotating weeks with other staff.

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Posting Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Expiration Date: